YWXLight 1 to 4 TV Background Bluetooth APP Mobile Phone Controller USB LED Light Strip


YWXLight 1 to 4 TV Background Bluetooth APP Mobile Phone Controller USB LED Light Strip

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1. USB power interface, can be connected to power adapter, computer, power bank, easy to use.
2. Excellent SMD5050RGB LED beads, long life, no flicker and anti-glare, no strobe and radiation, it can keep your eyes away from fatigue.
3. BT connection, sensitive APP control, flexible and easy to use.
4. Colorful light in different modes and effects, adjustable brightness, color change, switch light effects, set DIY mode, timing, delay function
5. Compatible with Android 4.3 / iOS 7 and above mobile phones.
6. Low carbon, no radiation, no flicker, no pollution to human body and environment.
7. The design has over voltage, over drive, short circuit protection, safe and reliable.
8. Each LED can be cut along the yellow cutting line.
9. The light on the back of the flexible board and adhesive tape makes installation easy.
10. It is widely used for decorating home windows, cafes, shop windows or as the background light of light boxes.

Input voltage: DC5V
Total power: <20W
Working power: 15-17W
LED type: SMD5050 RGB
Number of LEDs: 30 LEDsx2 + 15 LEDsx2
Luminous flux of each LED: 16-18LM
Light effect: 400 LM/W
Illumination angle: 120 degrees
Lifetime of LED: 30,000 hours
Working temperature: 30~40 Celsius Degrees
Lead length: 20cm / 7.9 inches
Cable length: 15cm / 5.9 inches
LED interval: 3CM / 1.2in
Strip length: 1m × 2 and 50cm × 2
Material: FPC
Project weight: 55g / 1.9oz
Package size: 15.5 × 10.5 × 4cm / 6.1 × 4.1 × 1.6in (L x W x H)
Package Weight: 120g / 4.2oz

1. Please install all parts carefully and use carefully before installing the power supply.
2. Please carefully check the positive and negative anodes, if the strip does not work, you better reinstall.
One Package Weight 0.2kgs / 0.44lb
Qty per Carton 24lb
Carton Weight 4.8kgs / 10.58lb
Carton Size 50cm * 40cm * 36cm / 19.69inch * 15.75inch * 14.17inch
Loading Container 20GP: 370 cartons * 24 pcs = 8880 pcs
40HQ: 859 cartons * 24 pcs = 20616 pcs

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