SX-M004 RGBW Double Board Touch Panel LED Remote Controller, DC 12-24V(Black)


SX-M004 RGBW Double Board Touch Panel LED Remote Controller, DC 12-24V(Black)

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1. Brand new and high quality
2. Touch panel is a new upmarket controller
3. It adopts glass panel design, is beautiful and fashionable in appearance
4. It adopts high precision capacitance touch control chip, increases the touch sensitivity, reduces wrong trigger which caused by mistake
5. It is used for controlling a variety of lamp whose source of light is LED
6. For instance, point source of light, flexible light strip, wall washer lamp, glass curtain wall light etc., it has many advantages such as convenient to connect, easy to use,etc.
7. It can realize jump change, gradually change, strobe and other effects based on application requirement
8. Supply voltage: DC 12-24V
9. Output: 4 channels
10. Output current: 24A
11. Connection mode: common anode

One Package Weight 0.2kgs / 0.43lb
Qty per Carton 50lb
Carton Weight 7.8kgs / 17.2lb
Carton Size 45cm * 30cm * 30cm / 17.72inch * 11.81inch * 11.81inch
Loading Container 20GP: 658 cartons * 50 pcs = 32900 pcs
40HQ: 1528 cartons * 50 pcs = 76400 pcs

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